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Want To Start A Summer Recreational Softball Team,
But Don't Know Where To Begin.

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Girls' Club Of Johnson County


The Girls' Club of Johnson County is based on the concepts of sportsmanship and fair play while affording each girl a summer of fun and recreation.  All teams are registered through ASA, this fee is paid by the league.  Games are played on local school and city fields, except for tournament games.

No Tryouts
No Fund-raisers
Game balls provided
All girls play in every game
Teams bat thru the entire roster
Equipment provided  (except for glove)
Uniform provided  (T-shirt with number)

The divisions are age groups as follows:

                                          6-Under     Tee Ball & Coach Pitch  must be at least 4
                                          8-Under     Coach pitch

If a player cannot locate a team, she will be assigned to a team with a shortage of players and as close to her home/school as possible.  It is recommend that all girls play in their own age level.  Teams consist of a minimum of 12 girls.  Prospective players and their parents are cautioned not to assume that they can sign up at the last minute.  The registration period ends April 15th for all division.


For more information regarding registrations, team formation, the duties of a Manager, Commissioner or Coordinator, or any other questions, please contact the Girls' Club at 913 905-5900, or other methods.
Web Site will be updated throughout the season, check back for updates.
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Games Have Now Started.  On Your Team Game Days, Be Sure To Check The Rainout Information - phone 913-905-5900 after 4:00pm.  Just Because It Has Not Rained In Your Location Does Not Mean The Fields Are Playable.  Call Before Going To Your Games.
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